11U-19U Travel Soccer

Our traveling soccer program is open to both boys and girls. Teams are composed of boys or girls of one birth year, depending on the numbers of players, sometimes two consecutive birth years. The number of teams of various age groups depends on the number of kids who come out for the season. Boys and girls typically play on separate teams after age 10. Teams are formed in late June, following registration of players for the upcoming season.  Most teams play with either 9 or 11 kids on the field depending on age. Rosters of 14 or 16 are therefore ideal to allow for subs.  This program gives children the opportunity to improve their soccer skills by competing against teams of the Madison Area Youth Soccer Association (MAYSA) of the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA). 

Pricing information can be found on our registration page along with registration deadlines.

Practice Information

Each coach sets their own practice schedule for 2 weeknights a week. Highly competitive teams may practice up to 3 weeknights a week.  Practices begin a few weeks before the 1st game. 

Game Information

Saturdays and Sundays usually within a one hour radius of Madison.  Each team plays 4 home games in Fort Atkinson and 4 away games (one hour radius of Madison).  Schedules will be communicated by team coaches/managers when they become available.  They can be also looked up at https://www.maysa.org/